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WOTC Web Interface  v1.6.7.7 Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021
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WOTC Tax Credits are administered by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.
Ohio processes requests in accordance with the business rules established by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor for all target groups.

To expedite processing submit your application via this online system.
Sign up now http://jfs.ohio.gov/wotc/Participate.stm
For the most recent program information and latest news visit our website at www.jfs.ohio.gov/wotc
Supporting documentation upload is fixed! (Wednesday, August 25, 2021)
The issue with supporting documentation which began August 13, 2021 has been resolved.  Several additional updates made include the ability to upload more than one document for the same application from the upload screen, as well as establishing new timelines for upload. The two-year time frame has been reduced to one-year three months.  This allows uploads during the three month deficiency period as well as the one year reconsideration period from a denial date. Feel free to reach out to the mailbox with any questions.  Thank you!
Teleworking (Wednesday, August 25, 2021)

We are continuing to telework until further notice.  For questions reach out to us through the WOTC_CONTACT@jfs.ohio.gov mailbox. Finally, please remember that for the latest information about the COVID-19 virus, visit the Ohio Department of Health website coronavirus.ohio.gov or call their hotline: 1-833-4-ASK-ODH.  

Issues Printing Notices  (Monday, October 18, 2021)
Until all the updates to the system are made on October 25, 2021 there will be issues with printing notices.  Currently the only print option for the next week or so is through the calendar on the home page. Click that date on the calendar the notices were generated, then click the PDF to open.  Once all the updates to the system are made normal printing options will resume.  Thank you for your patience!

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